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All people make mistakes in the process of studying. It’s normal. The aim of the studying process is to make a person learn the correct variant of presentation and get used to it. When it comes to the essay writing activity there are commonly occurred mistakes offered by the complicated rules of spelling or grammar, simple ones which we make from time to time because of inattentiveness, and those “silly misprints”. To cope with them you should learn rules. One more effective thing which can contribute to the effective presentation is attentiveness to the confusing words. These are the words which can look alike offering absolutely opposing meanings. They are easy from the first sight. This makes us skip them in the process of editing making an emphasis on the complicated situations and our personal “favorite” errors. These mistakes steal our points one by one. The artful undercover agents, they are represented even in the works of diligent students working hard for their grades. The custom essay writing service experts detect such “false friends”. Take your time to learn them to make certain you are aware of what to pay attention to when checking your important paper.

custom essay writing service“Where”/ “were” matter represents a serious question for discussion. “Where” is an adverb regarded to place, but people confuse the spelling of this word and that of “were” which is a verb in past time, second person or just past plural, or the subjunctive two of the verb “to be” serving a predicate or a part of it.
Where is your homework?
Were you the person who got the highest grade?
“Than”/ “then” matter is one more question at the top of similar issues.

  • “Than” is a conjunction which is up to the situation when we imply comparison:
    I’d choose to spend time at home than visit this exhibition one more time.
    My composition is smarter than yours.
  • “Then” is an adverb which is used to show the sequence of events:
    First, we did our homework, and then went to the yard.

“Between”/ “among” matter is the next item to pay attention.

  • “Between” is used to refer to the things that are separated:
    This shop is situated between the Washington Post and your favorite pizzeria.
    I can’t choose between the dark gray trousers and light gray ones.
  • “Among” should be used when we have a wider field for comparison (presupposing there are more than two objects for consideration):
    Someone among us does not keep tongue between teeth.
    The teacher chose him among all pupils.

“Their”/ “they’re”/ ”there” matter is one more case to learn.

  • “Their” is a pronoun which denotes the possession of a person or thing:
    Their shop is the biggest in the district.
    Their project is innovative.
  • “They’re” is a shortened form which is a colloquial variant of presentation of the expression “they are”:
    They’re ready to start a concert.
    They’re aware of the consequences.
  • “There” can perform the functions of:
    an adverb standing for the place (I will come back there multiple times.);
    a noun identifying a determined place (Bring it from there.);
    a pronoun when performing its functions (Hey, there!);
    an interjection when used to make an emphasis (There, I say my parents gave consent.);
    an adjective if it serves to modify a noun/ pronoun (Tom is always there for his children.).

“You’re”/ “your” matter. This is one of the most favorite mistakes of pupils and students representing different educational establishments of all times. The words can sound too easy to confuse them but the reality demands to clarify the situation to say “goodbye” to the well-loved error.

  • “Your” is a pronoun determining something which belongs to you:
    Your performance is something special.
    Your knowledge is not perfect.
  • “You’re” is a short form of the word combination “you are” which is a pronoun and a verb:
    You’re the best singer I’ve ever heard.
    You’re in time.

Pay attention to these simple matters to add several points to your grade. The consultations of the custom essay writing service specialists can become a true guide in this concern allowing to fix these and many other inaccuracies alike.

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